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Alterna world graphics

[11]Kyo icons for today :p Preview : 1…

Alterna world graphics


* Credit in keywords

* Don't claim them as your own

* Comments would be great *-*

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[11]Kyo icons for today :p

Preview :

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You can use them, I order you to use them o_o ... loool haha I'm mad x.x no yes of course you can use it I made them for this ~.~ just credits ^_~ I don't want to be famous *lol* no it's just if someone want icons like mine they know where to search or ask =o=

If you could speak about that community around you, or on your lj, would be nice of you v_v *give cookies*
  • very nice :3333
  • Oh, I like No.11 most! Really beautiful ones, dear! ^^

    (do some promo in direngrey_fotos and direngrey...that works! ^_~)
    • thank you dear ^___^ .... but omfg on the 5 Kyo looks like a ... a ... a crooner ?! ToT what the fuck ??? I realize this now oO .... *laugh hard* Kyo a crooner *rofl* .... well a sexy crooner at least *-* .... x.x ... no wait it's just my imagination, nothing more ._.

      thanks for promo dear ^_^U
  • C'est pas vrai, c'est toi, sylvie jolie qui fait ca? Wow. Je vois que tu t'es refais ami-ami avec ton mari :D .
    • bah vi c'est moi .__. ... haha yeah mon mari, ce soir il a pas voulus m'obéir alors hop dodo =o=
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