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Alterna world graphics

Tutorial ^-^

Alterna world graphics


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* Don't claim them as your own

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Tutorial ^-^

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First I think I'm gonna kill iTunes è.é that shit load and load and load .... without stopping o_o I just close it and close it and ..... kill it ^w^

No I don't put pics because I think that people are retard just coz myself I like when all is explain and clear >.<

Ok so from this       to this

1- First, fix the pic, blur the skin, sharpen, well make all for it looks nice for you. I flip the pic coz .... dunno XD I wanted to do it :p

2- Copy your base twice and change the blending mode to soft light both.

3-  Click on that little box   

Choose gradient map and choose the one names steel, steel bar or something like that ( it's black and white), you find it under metal section if it's not loaded. Change the blending mode to soft light 50%

4- Add a new layer, fill it in black and put it to Overlay, 5 %

Now let's go to use masking.

5- Add a new layer, fill it in black and click on the little box here :  it will add a mask.

Now you must have this http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c214/ayusan/1-1-1-1.jpg

Now make sure your new layer is selectionned and that the mask ( the white box at the right of the black one) is also selectionned !!!  and make sure that you have this :

Now choose a round brush and paint all over the part you want that appears ( Die *.*), you can put your layer on soft light it easier (<= that words exist  ? o_o sorry with my horrible english -_- ) to see what you're doing. Come back to the normal mode to see how it looks. If you delete too much black don't worry flip the color, and make the white being on top *point at the previous little pic* now paint where you touched too much and your black color around Die comes back. That's magic ^o^ ..... hmm =^=

When you're done with this. Use the .... dunno the english word, me is "Outil pipette" -_-, you know the thing to pick a color in a pic .... so use it to pick a red you like in Die pic. ( my exemple ._.)

Add a new layer and choose a round soft brush, mine was size 45, put it where you think it could looks good and change for screen 90%, but there depends how much you want it bright, so play until it looks nice for you.

Add a new layer and choose text brush. When you have your nice text  brush(es), move them under your layer with the red light.

When you have this you can try to flatten the image and go to Filter => Sharpen => Unsharp mask. Sometimes it looks nice, sometimes no, depend of your pic ^_^

That's all ^o^

If it's not clear tell me ;o;

  • The avatar I was talking about are this Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting and this Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I love the squared theme, and I don't have any brushes that looks like that ones! >,< if it's not a problem for u upload them for me! coz I think I will spend years inside that community!! XDDD
    • ok normally I typed my reply there yesterday but \è.é/ my connection fucked up completely and had to instal all back >.> so I will type it again : p

      ok so for the first icon, I used only two brushes ^-^ the text brushes .__. the whole icon is made of cutting of Kyo ._. poor Kyo ;-; if you need a tuto or whatever tell me ^_^

      for the second one here the link for the line :


      and here for polaroid, I think you can find all the polaroid I have ._.


      if you need something else tell me ^-^
      • sankyuuuuu!!!!! *glomps*
        I really need to sit down and download all that brushes in that community!!!! >.< *is too lazy* XD oh, don't worry, i will come really really a lot of times, asking for help!!!! XDDDD I still didn't figure it out how to use that fucking textures though! T-T coz I don't know how to erase the black part, and dunno leave the coloured part on the avatar! >.
        • I knew that I forgot to reply >.< evil me ;-; so it's for the polaroid brushes ?

          well open a new layer 100*100 paste the pic you want to use, add a new layer fill it in white, add your brush, with the magic tool ? ._. dunno the english name ;-; select the black part and delete. Your pic will appears under ^o^ if you have many black part to select click on the shift button ( hope it's the good button -_-) and select all the black part while this, now delete all, you can move your original pic to fit the best ^o^ hope it helps ^^
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