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Alterna world graphics

Kyo icons.

Alterna world graphics


* Credit in keywords

* Don't claim them as your own

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Kyo icons.

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New Kyo icons.

[12] Kyo icons.

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  • those are great my dear *____________*
    *is going to steel some of your kyos*
  • They looks so good, dear! *_* I like them! ^_^
  • eeeeeeeh O_O you progressed a lot! I'm taking the 8th ! and the 3 pinks ones x33
    • dit tout de suite qu'ils étaient nul avant ~.~ ... mouahahah joking XDDDD thank you my dear *hugs*

      Pfff I feel so happy to see you there, I mean, I'm just worried and .... can't help it .___. je voulais t'appeler aujourd'hui sans demander ta permisssion, mais j'ai pas osé. Quelle fucker je fais, je suis vraiment bonne à rien, je voulais vraiment t'appeler mais j'ai pas put, j'ai eus trop peur de déranger.

      I feel sad tonight, the hell sad, I dunno excatly why, I wish to find back a pattern to make a dress, I've just to find it but now I don't know anymore if it's worth to make that dress. Maybe you want to see the dress ? And I cry or feel like crying. Mom told me that I should go back to Paris. She's right but I can't. I'm suffocating dear. I think that deep inside I just hate myself to be like I am, weak, stupid and not able to say I love you to the ones I love. I haven't been able to say half of the things I wish to tell you, nothing ..... argh sorry my dear.

      I'm sick like hell x.x j'ai l'impréssion que mes poumons vont me tuer là o.O
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